A forgotten classic and an eerie, mysterious disappearance
(Matt Sullivan, An Aquarium Drunkard, 10/11/2010)
This should be in the rock mythology canon, a truly amazing story. Light In The Attic founder, Matt, attempts to uncover the details and context of artist Jim Sullivan’s disappearance in New Mexico, in 1975. Great music, amazing story.

Snake Meat and Reefer
(Jacob Mikanowski, The Millions, 12/11/2010)
An essay on the lurid, dark, and disturbed characters of Horacio Castellanos Moya that pushes for the appreciation (and embrace) of the absurd, despicable, and depraved in this crazy world.

The Wiring and Chemistry of Humanity’s Pain and Joy
(Genevieve Wanucha, Seed Magazine, 30/03/10)
A feature on how the ability to empirically map the ’emotional brain’ helps to explain the phenomenons that dictate how we interact with ourselves, others, and the world.

All Hail Science!
(James Garvey, The Philosophers’ Magazine, 25/10/2010)
Maybe a nice counterpoint to the above article, this is a look at the work of the English philosopher Peter Hacker and his take on the perils and delusions of today’s Scientism.

Change The Channel
(Jennifer Pozner, In These Times, 03/11/10)
Too easy, I know. But this article exposes how today’s television, produced by integrated marketing and advertising teams, is exacerbating and perpetuating North America’s crippling reliance on and belief in class and consumption. Too easy?


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