“grains of Attic salt”


The Singapore Solution
(Mark Jacobson, The National Geographic, 01/01/11)
The 4th place in the world I would never want to live – ominous (almost sinister) in its cleanliness, control, and formality.

Take A Peak At My World. Can You?
(Meehan Crist, Los Angeles Times, 14/11/10)
A fascinating review of Oliver Sacks’ latest work, one that evokes the “delicious paradox” and enigma at the heart of the relationship between subjective experience and how we describe it (language).

Speed, Progress, and Accidents
(Caroline Dumoucel, trans. Pauline Eiferman, Vice Magazine, 01/09/10)
An inspiring and nuanced interview with the French cultural theorist, Paul Virillo, who is famous for stating, “The invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck.”

Something For The Hedonists To Bandy About While Mocking Spin Classes
(Richard Klein, The Chronicle, 21/11/10)
“To be against health is to be critical of the myths and lies concerning our health that are circulated by the media and paid for by large industries. It is to demystify their hidden moralizing and their political agenda.”

The Influence and Power of The West (This, sadly, is not an article on the cultural significance of NWA or G-Funk.)
(Ian Morris, History Today, 20/11/10)
Historian gives a comprehensive (for the interweb) look at how geography shaped the world we live in today (and how this authority could be waning) and that there is nothing special about the West, just a series choice (accidental?) locations.


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