Jacob Rolfe

Zach felt hysterical laughter bubbling up in his throat. Tom Wait’s drunken piano had nothing on this bathroom. The sink was bleeding and ejaculating: great. Maybe next the toilet would decide to take a shit or the bathtub would begin to drool.
He looked back up at the mirror and felt the laughter turn sour, caustic, like harsh vomit on the back of his tongue.

– Poppy Z. Brite – “Drawing Blood”

Trash Talk – Flesh & Blood
(Eyes & Nines, 2010)

Pissed Jeans – Half Idiot
(King Of Jeans, 2009)

The Jesus Lizard – Mouthbreather
(Liar, 1992)

McLusky – You Should Be Ashamed, Seamus
(The Difference Between Me And You Is That I’m Not On Fire, 2004)

Clockcleaner – Missing Dick
(Nevermind, 2006)

Big Black – Kitty Empire
(Songs About Fucking, 1987)

Helmet – Repetition
(Strap It On, 1991)

Girls Against Boys – Rockets Are Red
(Venus Lexure No. 1 Baby, 1993)

Shellac – Mouthpiece
(Terraform, 1998)

Trash Talk – Explode
(Eyes & Nines, 2010)

Iron Age – Dispossessed
(The Sleeping Eye Of The Watcher, 2010)

Melvins – Night Goat
(Houdini, 1993)

Harvey Milk – Decades
(Life…The Best Game In Town, 2008)


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