Sidewalk Circus: An Afternoon With the Bright Lights



Chokebore – Bad Things
(Anything By The Water, 1996)

No Joy – You Girls Smoke Cigarettes
(Ghost Blonde, 2010)

Unwound – Dragnalus
(Fake Train, 1993)

Hum – Why I Like The Robins
(You’d Prefer An Astronaut, 1996)

Grooms – Dreamsucker
(Rejoicer, 2009)

Polvo – Tilebreaker
(Today’s Active Lifestyles, 1993)

Chavez – Unreal is Here
(Ride The Fader, 1994)

Jawbox – LS/MFT
(For Your Own Special Sweetheart, 1994)

No Age – Sleeper Hold
(Nouns, 2009)

US Maple – Letter To ZZ Top
(Long Hair In Three Stages, 1995 )

Silkworm – Nerves
(Firewater, 1996)

Broken Water – Say What’s On Your Mind
(Whet, 2010)


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