Literature Machine
(Suzanne Moyer, New York Magazine, 11/11/2010)
A facotry ran by controversial “author” churns out assembly line lit. A thousand monkeys on a thousand typewiters…

I’m Trapped in the Feedback Bubble
(Lynn Parramore, Salon, 08/10/11)
The internet was supposed to connect us with others, a larger world, but Eli Pariser says we are constantly only encountering a version of ourselves determined by algorithms telling who we are.

A Fresh Look at the “intellectual terrorist who was going to “divide history into two halves” “
(Jonathan Ree, The Humanist,06/11/2010)
The ideas and history of the fiery, inspiring, occasionally offensive, and often misunderstood, Freidrich Nietzsche, get a succinct and surprising reappraisal and contextualization.

A quick glance at our lack of a generation
(Zadie Smith, NYRB, 06/11/2010)
Renowned writer provides a cutting critique of the today’s interactions through a review of the movie “The Social Network” and the book “We Are Not Gadgets”. Or is this another hackneyed “kids these days…” statement?

How you speak affects the world you walk through…
(Loro Borodistky, Wall Street Journal, 23/07/2010)
Cognitive science reveals new insight into the old addage “language shapes our world…”


The shores on either side were precipitous and rugged beyond all description, looking like fiery lava steams which had been arrested by the sea, and cooled into gloomy, overhanging cliffs. The lava rock was of a deep dull slate colour, which at a distance looked black; and the blackness which thus succeeded into the whiteness of the snow behind us seemed like the funeral pall of nature.
– James De Melville, A Strange Manuscript In a Copper Cylinder

Nadja – Only Shallow (MBV cover)
(When I see The Sun Always Shines On TV, 2009)

Jesu – Walk On Water
(Jesu, 2005)

Isis – Stone to Wake A Serpent
(Wavering Radiant, 2010)

A Place to Bury Strangers – Ego Death
(Exploding Head, 2009)

Pyramids – This House Is Like Any Other World
(Pyramids, 2008)

Ancestors – Mother Animal
(Of Sound Mind, 2009)

Earth – Omen and Portents II: The Carrion Crow
(The Bees Made Honey In the Skull of the Lion, 2008)

Mogwai – Like Herod
(Young Team, 1997)

Mount Eerie – The Hidden Stone
(Wind Poem, 2010)

Fumi Mini Nakamura

I remember a story my father once told me. A boy is playing in the sandbox in the schoolyard, and darkness falls. He hears the voice of his mother calling him in for supper. On his way home, he loses his way in the shadows and walks until his feet are sore. He curls up against the side of a stranger’s house and falls asleep. In the morning, the sun pries open his eyelids. He is back in the schoolyard. He realizes he is not the boy at all, but the sandbox, and so he is already home.”
– Stuart Ross, “Bouncing”

Sharks Keep Moving – Sailor
(Sharks Keep Moving, 1999)

Medications – For WMF
(Completely Removed, 2010)

The Feelies – Raised Eyebrows
(Crazy Rhythms, 1980)

Maps & Atlases – Living Decorations
(Perch Patchwork, 2010)

Oxford Collapse – John Blood
(Bits, 2008)

Clinic – Internal Wrangler
(Internal Wrangler, 2000)

Electralane – Tram 21
(No Shouts, No Calls, 2007)

The Notwist – Boneless
(The Devil, You, + Me, 2008)

Broadcast – Man Is Not Not Bird
(HaHa Sounds, 2003)

Chad VanGaalen – Old Man + The Sea
(Soft Airplanes, 2008)